Here's a chunk of my pile of figure drawings, the result of a local weekly drawing class. Some of them are very literal, but most had artistic 'license' taken, primarily to increase yumminess in the facial features by way of comic book stylization. The human figure is the most brilliant of inventions in all it's complexity. I'll throw in a few extra factoids for fun.



These, as well as most grouped thumbnails on my site, have been arranged in sort of a more-favorite to less-favorite standard.



I really like drawing with mechanical pencils, because I never have to sharpen it. Now, I know it seems extremely lazy to do it that way, but, well yes, I guess it IS pretty lazy. I'll consider it a badge of honor.



For much of the time I attended this class, I would bring my ladder and sit up on the top rung to get a more dramatic angle to draw from.



Later on, I decided to go the other direction and started to draw from a chair which sat my rump about an inch off the floor. It wasn't quite as dramatic of a drawing angle, but it was different.



Every once in a while, I'll draw a quick pic, move, draw another, move etc. durring a session. It's a fun exercise, and it helps in mentally understanding what's going on in a pose.